It is becoming clear that a number of Justices are removing themselves from the ‘Letterbox Drop Process’ by simply advising clients that they are not available and thus making themselves unavailable to the public. 

This action is not only impacting those Justices who are undertaking this process to assist clients, but also causing a large number of requests for assistance to be forwarded to the Royal Federation.  If you 

  • are not vulnerable and 
  • do not have a vulnerable member in your immediate family and 
  • there is no health reason why you cannot assist, please make yourself available.

I request that you remember the Oath that you took to serve the public ‘without fear or favour.’ Please look at what the process is for ‘Letterbox Drop’ (letterbox process) and reconsider your availability, rather than leave the bulk of the work to a few. To those Justices who are assisting the public in this unprecedented time thank you for your service, it really is appreciated by both Council and clients.

Frank Rands


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