Important information for Justices

There is a document entitled “Affidavit of Truth” being circulated that has been seen by a few of our members in the past week.  It is in fact NOT an affidavit as is purported, no jurat, is not to be sworn/affirmed as is normal practice.  The Justice is being asked to witness the signature of the client and to initial each page of the document.

This document is supposedly being sent to people in positions of power eg the Governor General, Prime Minister, Minister of Justice – ten copies in total are requested to be witnessed.

Always be conscious of what you are signing and if in doubt “don’t” is the rule!

The Royal Federation recommends that you do not sign this document should the client become threatening or as in a few cases states that you will be sued.

Witnessing the signature may conclude the matter, however of course the document is not legally binding as it is not an affidavit.

There have been four other locations in New Zealand where this document has been seen apart from Auckland.

If you are confronted with one of these documents please forward any information to my email address eg the name of the person (contact details if you have them), the location where this person came to see you and any other relevant information, so we can act upon this if deemed necessary.

The Royal Federation National Manager and Registrar, Tony Pugh is also happy to receive any information and you can email this to: registrar@jpfed.org.nz

Kind regards

Sherryl Wilson JP


Auckland Justices of the Peace  Association Inc

EMAIL: sherryl@tapa.org.nz

Justices of the Peace, serving New Zealand since 1814  

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