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ID SUPER GOLD CARD – Clarification in Red

This subject has been raised at several Support Group Meetings and is posted for information only and has nothing to do with the provision of your AJPA services.

There comes a time in all our lives when we decide no longer to travel or determine that we will not drive.  When this time comes we actually lose two of our main sources of photographic ID – passport and driving licence.  You may think this is okay, but how will you operate bank accounts or prove who you are if you wish to carry out a transaction that has financial implications like selling a house, changing accountants, insurance, etc.  Well here are a couple of solutions:

A,  You can apply for a ‘Kiwi Access Card’ from your local NZ Post Shop or your local AA Office.  The card is valid for 10 years and will cost $55.00.  A copy of the card is below for reference.


B. You can apply to have your photograph included on the back of your Super Gold Card.  You will need to provide some proof of identity and two copies of a different account sent to your home address.  With these two documents in hand go to your local AA Office and request that they send your photograph to the Gold Card Centre.  The cost of this service is free just like your JP services.  Here is the process

1.  The AA Office will take a photograph of you so comb your hair and look pretty.
2.  24 hours after having the photograph taken ring the Gold Card Centre 0800 25 45 65 (the number is on the back of your gold card) and request that your photograph which was taken at the AA office be placed on your card.  They will ask you for your Client Number XXX XXX XXX which is also on the back of your card.
3. Approximately 14 days later you should receive a new card in the mail with your picture on the card on the bottom right-hand side on the reverse.
4. Your SuperGold card with photo can then be used as supporting identification in conjunction with other approved primary identification.