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It may be a security issue, or it may be that you don’t want a client turning up at your house unexpectedly.  For whatever reason, you may choose to remove your residential house number from the Royal Federation website, meaning that clients HAVE TO contact you by phone to get your full address.  Please follow these steps to the letter and you will successfully remove the number of your house from the ‘Find a JP’ application.

  • Log In to the Royal Federation website (
  • Remember your username is your surname followed by your JP number.  (It is case sensitive and no spaces between your name and number)
  • Select Profile from the Main Menu.
  • Scroll down to the Address Details and select Click here to enter a PO Box, or to add an apartment/flat number and building name.
  • Remove the street number from the Address Box selection.
  • Move down to the Active section and ensure the tick box is ticked.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit SAVE.
  • Now Log Out of the Royal Federation website.
  • Enter your surname in the ‘Find a JP’ application.
  • Check the result. Your house number should now be removed from your address.


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