ACCREDITATION – As of 12 January 2022, the Auckland Association has only 695 Justices out of a total of 1288 who are ACCREDITED.  This leaves 593 Justices who are still to achieve Accreditation.  I currently have 70 Justices who have registered for the next Accreditation Study Group which commences 31 January 2022.  Even if all these Justices are successful it still leaves approximately 520 Justices who are not accredited and thus cannot be considered up to date in all respects when dealing with client’s documentation.  Let’s all get with the programme. Accreditation may not be the ultimate answer in assessing competency, but it is all we have at the moment.

TRAINING – Your Association schedules Justice of the Peace Training in the form of HUB meetings, Support Group Meetings and other training opportunities.  All Support Groups report that they all have Justices within their Support Groups who do not attend meetings or training and never respond to emails or other forms of communications. We also hear from members of the public that they have tried to contact several Justices before they find one who will answer a phone call or email. Why is this?  The current pandemic has resulted in many changes and it is only by staying in touch that you can remain up to date.

VOLUNTEER STATUS – While Yes, we are all volunteers, it is clearly apparent that work on Service Desks is conducted by a few. A large number of Justices do not contribute in this manner although they may see clients at home or work.  It is acknowledged that a number of Justices have served their communities for a long time, however the manning of Service Desks is the way of the future and we should all take our turn in serving the public in this way. 

I make no apology for the above. If you disagree with any of my comments then please pause and think about the issues I have raised. If you wish to discuss further or provide me with possible solutions to address these issues, then please feel free to email me .  

To those Justices who continue to remain accredited, attend Hubs, attend Support Group Meetings, serve on Service Desks and remain in communication, thank you for your contribution to both the Association and also to your local communities.


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