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There is some confusion about the administration of documents in a language that you cannot understand.  The Ministerial Manual is contradictory in that it does not differentiate between declarations and affidavits (to be administered in another language) and certified copies (which do not involve complex administration).
  • Art 2.18.2 states that “you should not administer any document that is entirely in a language other than English” This article is only referring to Statutory Declarations and Affidavits and not certified copies, even though it refers to ‘any’ document in the first sentence
  • Art 3.4.1 states that “you may be presented with a document in a language other than English” This article is referring to only certified copies, which it IS acceptable to administer.   Remember – you can always take a statutory declaration if you have any concerns and this action shifts the responsibility from you to the client.
This issue has been raised with Royal Federation.