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Sometimes a client may seek help in processing documents that require thumb or fingerprints.  Rarely, a 5-finger set of prints are required, and in this case please direct the client to KiwiBank.  They are challenging to do, and if done incorrectly, the receiving agency may reject them.

Kiwibank is now providing fingerprinting services that were previously offered by New Zealand Post. If your client needs to get  5-finger prints taken, for an employment check, or immigration reasons or any other reason, they need to approach Kiwibank.   A list of these outlets are available by clicking HERE.   Kiwibank charges for this fingerprinting service – $50 for one set of fingerprints and each additional set will cost $30.  Kiwibank has indicated that they will no longer provide the manual fingerprinting service post 30 April 2023.
Justices may still carry out single finger/thumb prints as required by clients.