Farewell to Pat Samson, JP

Pat Samson’s life was celebrated, and family and friends farewelled him, at this morning’s Mass at St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Milford.

Pat had been a long-time Justice of the Peace, a member of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association’s Council and, recently, Regional Representative/Board Member on the Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices’ Associations.

As one of the Support Group Coordinators on the North Shore, Pat established a Service Desk in the local mall, fittingly just across the road from the Church where today’s service was held. Nearly 10 years ago, it was the first Desk to be set up outside a publicly-owned facility such as CAB, Library etc.  In his eulogy today Ken McKay recalled the first day in Milford Mall. “Pat and I waited all day for clients and only one turned up!” Nowadays it’s not unusual to help 50 people during the Thursday session.

President of the Royal Federation of New Zealand Justices Associations, Rachael O’Grady, told the congregation that Pat was dedicated and thorough in everything he did for the Board including overseeing finances and promoting the Justices’ Education Trust.

Pat’s contributions to Auckland Rugby’s judicial processes were given tribute by Rugby officials: he took on these duties for the sport he loved, capitalising on his experience as a Judicial Justice of the Peace, regularly sitting on the bench at North Shore District Court.

His Worship has left the building.


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