Facebook Policy

Area:             Communications and Publicity
Purpose:      To provide all members with a safe social media forum to receive news and to discuss items of interest
                      To protect the reputation of the AJPA
1. The AJPA Facebook page is to be a ‘closed’ page (membership by invite or approved request and not visible or accessible to non-members)
2. Members of the AJPA Facebook page must be financial members of AJPA.
3. Other Association Presidents, Registrars or Royal Federation staff may be granted membership to the page.
4. All members must agree to abide by the Facebook code of conduct (see below) before their request to join the Facebook page is approved.
5. Members need to request membership of the closed page and approval is through the administrator.
6. There are two ‘Administrator’ roles (Registrar and Chair of Technology sub-committee). The Registrar is the main administrator and the Chair of Technology is a back-up.
7. All posts need to be approved by ‘Admin’ prior to being made public.
8. Admin has the right to remove any posts that may bring the reputation of the AJPA into disrepute.
9. The Facebook page is not to take the place of any other communication initiatives currently in place with the AJPA (including the website) – it is “as well as”, not “instead of”.

The Facebook Code of Conduct is below:

Date approved by Council:         13 February 2019
Review date                                   February 2021

Facebook Code of Conduct

This Facebook page is a closed group for members of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association.

This is a resource portal established for asking questions, sharing knowledge, ideas, thoughts, and information including questions, comments, feedback, experiences, seeking advice, sharing of resources or any items of interest to JPs. Postings can include questions on issues faced by members, inviting responses by other JPs able to suggest solutions or other responses to the issues raised.

Members are asked to follow the guidelines below:

1. Postings are to be for the benefit and interest of JPs and for the enhancement of skills and knowledge of fellow JPs.
2. Postings referring to personal information of any individual (whether known or unknown to the JP community) should not be posted here. In particular, please respect the confidentiality of our clients and obtain written confirmation before requesting specific assistance on their behalf from group members.
3. This is a closed group and no screenshots are to be taken from this group or another group and then distributed to any other page or person.
4. Unsolicited fundraising and advertising postings are not permitted.
5. Please read every word in a post before you jump to a conclusion and make an inappropriate comment. The Administrator reserves the right to remove posts that are considered unkind, irrelevant or inappropriate.
6. There is no need to apologise for asking a question. Just ask it so we can all help out. No-one can remember everything. Sometimes we forget things. Sometimes we just don’t know the usual process.

If you have any queries, comment, feedback, please contact the Registrar, Janet Thompson on office@jpauckland.org.nz or by phone 09 916 9276 (hours of work are generally Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings).