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Several members of the association have provided their place of work email addresses in lieu of a private email address which causes problems in communicating with you for the following reasons:

  • A number of the gateways into companies that you work with will block emails from providers and mail distribution outlets.
  • The email accounts at companies belong to the company and are not personal accounts even though you may work there.
  • Justices should keep their JP business as private business and not part of the company where you work. 
  • Your emails are stored on the company servers and even though you may delete the email it will still be stored on their server
  • In the case of Justices, it is not professional to use a company email address as your main contact and may compromise you as a Justice in promoting a company as a Justice
  • When you leave the company your company email will be deleted and thus no longer valid.  If you don’t advise the Registrar /Treasurer we lose contact with you as a Justice.

Anyone can set up a private email address and in most cases, there is no cost.  So please consider taking action to set up a private email address and advise the Registrar accordingly.

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