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Technology is moving at apace and rather than send emails, write letters, leave voice messages, or send smoke signals you can now complete online forms for the following.  

  1. Update your Personal Details
  2. Contact the Treasurer
  3. Join or Rejoin the Auckland JP Association
  4. Complete a Notice of Transfer
  5. Submit your Resignation from the Association and as a Justice
  6. Contact the Registrar to make a general enquiry
  7. Raise an issue about a JP or their work.
  8. Advise the webmaster of a broken link or problem with the website

Forms 1 to 5 are all found on the AJPA website ( under the JP Corner with Forms 6 – 8 being accessible via ‘Contact Us’ from the main menu.  The use of these forms will speed up administrative processes and provide an improved result for you and the Registrar/Treasurer

If you would like to see other forms developed please advise the webmaster.

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