December 2020 Council Meeting

The Council of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association held its final monthly meeting for 2020, on December 10th.  Here are some notes from that meeting for your information:

  • The intended farewell to our Registrar was put on hold, due to her health on the day.  However, Janet has agreed to continue as Registrar until the end of January to ensure holiday-period continuity, for which Council is very appreciative.
  • An opportunity exists for Association members who have never been, to attend the Royal Federation (= national) conference in Wellington at the end of February.  Details are on the website – but the window of opportunity is brief!
  • Council confirmed that publicising JP services on the website of a business, including that of a marriage celebrant, is NOT consistent with our Code of Conduct.
  • Dates for Hub training meetings are being developed for next year and will be finalised early in the New Year.  As usual, attendance at ANY venue is welcomed.
  • 2020 edition Manuals have not yet been received but will be distributed, when available, through Support Groups
  • The Support Group Committee confirmed that our focus is on AJPA services from AJPA Service Desks, wherever they may be hosted (Library, CAB, shopping centre, etc).  JPs serving on these desks should therefore be members of the Association and accredited, to ensure their practice is current and competent
  • 12 new Justices, including two JPs on Waiheke Island, were sworn in in early December – a great addition to the existing membership. Welcome.
  • A new AJPA Service Desk at Lynn Mall (operating Thursday evenings) was agreed, a good case having been made for its establishment.  Guidelines for the potential starting of new Service Desks are on the website.
  • A Policy on operating under the shadow of Covid-19 was agreed and will be placed on the website shortly.  This will provide general guidance for all Justices.
  • The four candidates for a role as Judicial Justices have all been successful with their rigorous training, and have been welcomed to the Judicial Team.  Three further candidates are ready to start the study process early next year.
  • The update of the Royal Federation website has been well received and is a great improvement on the previous one which was creaking to a standstill.  As the new site beds in, it would be appreciated if queries about it could be addressed to the Auckland Association, not the Royal Federation.  This will help share the load of queries.
  • The Council wishes all members a successful end to a strange year and a good holiday break where possible.
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