Subject to any Government direction what does this mean for Justices of the Peace Services in Auckland?

Judicial Services – These services will continue to be provided but at the discretion of the Court.  Judicial Justices should check with their Rosterers to determine when and if they are required.  Click HERE for further information.

Ministerial Services – All services provided at an authorised Auckland JP Association Service Desk are closed.

Home Services – It is not recommended that Justices see clients at home but this is at the discretion of individual Justices.

Electronic Certification – Electronic certification of documentation may be carried out by those Justices who are familiar and competent with the technology.  A list of Justices who are able to provide these electronic certification services can be found by clicking HERE.

Issuing Officers, Section 9, and Nominated Witness – These services may continue to be provided at the discretion of the individual Justice of the Peace while observing the following precautions:

The use of face masks
The use of hand sanitiser
Maintenance of  Social Distancing (2 metres)
Use of individual pens

All Justices of the Peace are volunteers and as such may withdraw their services at any time.  They may not in themselves be vulnerable but they may have vulnerable people in their household.  Please be kind and recognise their need as well as your own.

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