Covid-19 Level 2 update

From the AJPA President:
Covid-19 Level 2 update from Royal Federation is noted below and has been sent to all SG Coordinators. Other relevant AJPA information has been included in the SG Coordinators’ email from me for distribution to all AJPA members.
FAQs for Pandemic Alert Levels 2
Justices of the Peace may choose to undertake work at home at Alert Level 2, provided they can do so within the parameters above. Therefore maintaining a distance of 2m is expected.
1. Legislation has been introduced which creates a requirement for information to be obtained that allows for contact tracing. Does this include Justices of the Peace?
Yes, in order to comply with the legislation, the following information should be collected:
a. Full name (not nickname)
b. Address (residential)
c. Contact details – either a private phone number (landline or mobile) or email or both
As previously advised, this information should be kept independent of your logbook to allow for post-Covid19 safe destruction.
Contact Tracing Log Example:
You should explain to your client the reason for collecting this information and assure them it will be destroyed when no longer needed. To protect the privacy of the clients’ information, it is preferable for those records to be shredded or incinerated. If you cannot safely and completely destroy these records, please ask your association Registrar for assistance.
Your contact tracing list should be kept for 2 months, to be available to the public health unit if required.
More information is available here:
Or use this shortcut:
You should complete the contact tracing log yourself. Do not ask the client to complete the entries as they may then have access to the entry before theirs. It is important that private information is not shared.
Contact Tracing logs will be required for Service Desks. Your association can assist with this.
2. When will Service Desks re-open?
The re-opening of Service Desks will be dependent on suitable controls being implemented by the venue provider. There are limitations on the numbers of persons who can gather in one venue:
In order to ensure an orderly re-instatement of Service Desks your association executive will manage the co-ordination and timing of re-opening and advise Royal Federation of any changes. Changes will be made to the Royal Federation website when formally advised by a member of your association executive.
Legislated change
3. There have been changes to the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957 which allow the use of audio-visual declarations. Do these changes continue to apply under Level 2?
Yes, the legislation remains in place until the Pandemic Notice is lifted.
The following link provides guidance:
The modification order can be found here:
4. “Find a JP” Listings:
Will the Royal Federation modify my availability on “Find a JP” now that we are at Level 2?
No, during the Epidemic Notice period there will be no unrequested adjustments made to Justices availability. You should of course check that your listing is up to date and accurately reflects your availability.
5. Education and training
Will education programs restart?
No, unless there are 10 or fewer people involved and the program is for less than 2 hours. This restriction may change in the future – your association will advise when changes occur.

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