Council Meeting Briefs – June

The Council of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association held its regular monthly meeting on 12 June 2019.

  • The AJPA annual luncheon held in early June gave a great insight of the role of a woman naval commander in NZ’s navy, and the guests enjoyed the food and the fellowship.
  • Hub trainings for 2019 are coming to an end – the one remaining session is June 29, at Mangawhai.  If you want to keep up with changing issues this year, this is your last chance – a day trip to Mangawhai? Details are on the AJPA website and in the President’s Newsletter emailed on Thursday.
  • Based on feedback forms, attendance at Hub trainings so far shows a 22% increase on last year – over 400 attendees.  Accredited Members are now 50 more than last year at 245 (of those attending trainings).  Great progress, but still some way to go.  Most of the attendees belong to a Support Group, but a small number had attended no training in the past 12 months prior to this. Many people commented on the success of being able to attend whatever location suited them at that date.
  • Yellow Pages contents continue to cause some confusion as they are hard to delete or correct, so are not accurate.  Internet based ‘Find a JP’ (and Find a Service Desk) listings are easily updateable and therefore more accurate.
  • The June edition of Valley Voice (the local newspaper on the Hibiscus Coast) featured our own President, Sherryl Wilson, talking partly about the role of the free, volunteer Justice of the Peace services we provide. A good read.
  • Ministerial trainers are working on computer-based sessions (such as in a school’s computer lab) to bring together groups who would like some guidance on getting into accreditation testing, and sitting the open-manual test amongst others who may be hesitant.  Watch for dates to come.  Recently an active 88-yr old JP gained accreditation with computer assistance only!
  • Annual accounts are being finalised, and our books look reasonably good thanks to the significant grant from Lotteries that has enabled us to provide things like stamps, name badges, Service Desk banners, business cards for the service desks etc.
  • Keep the date of 22 September free for the AGM and Regional Conference at Alexandra Park – an important governance, communication, and networking event.  More details to come.

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