General News


I am pleased to announce the results of the voting at our virtual Annual General Meeting.  A total of 178 votes were made which under the circumstance is a brilliant response from members.

I can confirm that Life Membership of the Auckland JP Association was conferred upon Selwyn Haworth and Colin Davis.  Congratulations to them both on this recognition of the long service they have given the Association.

The successful candidates for the four Members of Council are:(in no particular order)

John Abbott
Hazel Bedogni
Peter Johns
Janet Thompson

I would like to congratulate and welcome the new members of the council. I look forward to working with you all in the upcoming year.

I would also like to acknowledge the members who stood for Council this year and were unsuccessful. It was really good to have such great candidates in George, Justin, Phillip, Rohini and Tony.  Although you were unsuccessful this year, I encourage you all to put your name forward again in the future as your association is in need of the expertise and experience that you will bring.  Thank you for your contribution.

It is also time to thank all Justices who took part in the virtual Annual General Meeting.  It was a first for your Association and we hope that we will be able to revert back to our face to face meeting in the future.  If you have any comments or thoughts on how we may improve the process please do not hesitate to email the as the Council will be conducting a review.

President AJPA