Coronavirus – a message from the President and an advisory notice from Royal Federation

Dear Members

As you are aware the Covid-19 situation is placing restrictions on members of the public.  The AJPA is monitoring the situation daily and as yet there is no blanket proposal to withdraw JP Services from any of the service desks within Auckland.

However some individual Justices have decided to suspend their service given their own personal health or that of a family member which is most understandable.  In which case it is important that these members note this on their “Find a JP” listing stating under the availability section “Unavailable until further notice”.

If any member working on a service desk wishes to withdraw their service it is vital they advise their Rosterer so a replacement can be made.  If there are insufficient members to staff a service desk on any particular day it is vital to advise the location.

There will be a notice posted shortly on the “Find a Service Desk” section of our website advising members of the public to call the venue first before going to a service desk to ensure this is still open.

If you are going to continue on the local service desk as usual here are some points to consider when dealing with the public:

  • Greet clients in a normal manner but refrain from handshakes
  • If a client appears to be coughing or sneezing you may politely refuse to handle their documents and ask them to return when they are feeling better
  • Don’t close the door to the interview room
  • Don’t touch any electronic device the client may bring with them but ask them to show you
  • Provide a separate pen for the client to sign documents
  • Maintain a one metre distance between you and the client at all times
  • Wash or sanitize your hands after each client
  • You may consider wearing disposable gloves in the course of your duty
  • Please be very careful in the way you handle clients – be firm, be understanding and above all act with compassion and empathy. These are very trying times.

This is not a time to panic but we all need to consider the risk to both ourselves and our families.

If you need or wish to discuss anything further please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Sherryl Wilson JP

President, Auckland Justices of the Peace  Association Inc

PH:    0942 11711;   CELL: 021 275 6337;   EMAIL:


Also, see attached advisory notice from Royal Federation:   Coronavirus Communication 160320

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