With the growing awareness of the coronavirus it is important as Justices of the Peace that we take stock regarding the services that we provide to the public as follows:

  1.  The chances of being affected by coronavirus have been assessed by the Ministry of Health as being low even though the first case has appeared in New Zealand.
  2. The best means of defence is ensuring that a high level of personal hygiene is followed ie regular hand washing with soap or hand sanitising protection.
  3. There are some simple measures that we can take:

Working on a Service Desk

  • If a client approaches and they are displaying flu like symptoms suggest that they approach someone else to bring the documents to the Justice of the Peace. This needs to be done sensitively, with a caring and understanding approach and without bias.
  • If a client has copies to be certified, ask them to hold the originals and show them to you as you stamp the copies. This minimises direct physical contact with the documents.
  • If a client has a device, get them to show you the documents without you touching the device.
  • After each client assess the degree of personal contact that you have had with that client.

Working at home the same process will apply except that in most instances access to hygiene facilities and materials will be more readily available.


4. Regularly check the information on the website and in particular the links to the Ministry of Health website.  For all updates and information ….

5. The coronavirus hotline is 0800 358 5453

Kind regards

Sherryl Wilson JP


Auckland Justices of the Peace Association Inc

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