Clients requiring certified copies may now be able to obtain these via contactless ‘Letter Box’ drops with a JP in their local area. Some JPs who are vulnerable or have vulnerable household members may decline to offer this service. Please respect them.

Clients who require statutory declarations, affidavits or signatures witnessed will still need to have a video call with a JP who is available for electronic services.  A list of JPs providing this service can be accessed by this LINK.

Both clients and JPs must comply with the following process/rules:

Step 1 – Client seeks out a Justice of the Peace in their location via  JP Locator from the Auckland JP Association website or Find a JP’ from the Royal Federation website.

Step 2 – The client phones the JP and explains their requirements.

Step 3 – JP accepts and advises the client of their residential address and approximate time to place the documents together with any originals into the JP’s letterbox.

Step 4 – Client phones/txts the JP when they have done this in order that the JP can recover the documents

Step 5 – JP advises the Client to wait or to arrange another time for the uplift of the documents.

Step 6 – JP administers the clients documents in the normal manner and places clients documents and originals back in the letterbox for the client to uplift as arranged. 

Protection arrangements

  • No face to face contact 
  • Maintain 2m distance at all times
  • Wear a mask
  • Use gloves when administering the documents
  • Sanitize hands regularly.
  • COVID tracing QR Codes Poster should be available for clients to sign in with their mobile phones.  If no QR Code is available then the COVID Contact Tracing Register form is to be used.
  • As far as practicable, business is to be conducted remotely, with any identification contact to be in the open air.  Clients must not enter the JP’s home


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