2018 Annual Dinner


Picture:  Kereyn Smith with Association President, Sherryl Wilson at last night’s function.

New Zealand’s clean, but competitive, sporting record is a great asset and widely recognised internationally. That was one of the points made by the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary-General of the NZ Olympic Committee, Kereyn Smith, when addressing the Association’s Annual Dinner last night.

“The world’s athletes know that when they compete against Kiwis it’s a fair and honest contest without a “win at all cost” policy… and everything about that strategy.”

Resilience and attitude is also important for athletes and sports administrators, she said, exampling the less-than-ideal conditions found in Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic Village.

“Unlike other countries” Kereyn Smith recalled, “the Kiwis decided ‘it was what it was’, quickly made alternative arrangements and got on with the reason for which they had all gone to Brazil – to compete and win medals. And they did!”

Kereyn also detailed work the Olympic Committee is doing in schools, and generally, to promote the organisation’s aim: to inspire excellence and pride in New Zealanders and enable New Zealand’s elite athletes to achieve on the world’s stage.


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