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Clarifications from the Ministry of Justice re Dissolution Affidavits (FP12 & FP14)

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the Ministry of Justice has advised that;
  • Clients MAY complete the Affidavit and the Application prior to a 2-year period  having elapsed since the couple separated. 
    • A Justice can and should assist in the completion of the Affidavit in this situation. 
    • HOWEVER the completed Affidavit cannot be filed with the court until 2 years since separation has elapsed.
  • There is no timeframe specified for filing the Affidavit with the court relative to when it was completed by a Justice. ie no minimum or maximum number of months between completing the paperwork and filing it with the court.
  • the G7 information sheet which must accompany the Application and the Affidavit does NOT need to be on yellow paper
This means that couples are able to complete their paperwork within two years of their separation date, so that it is ready to file at the earliest opportunity