Changes to the Association’s Rules Take Effect

Registrar, Janet Thompson, has received word that the changes to the Association’s Rules comply with the terms of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 and take effect immediately.

The two changes were proposed, and agreed, at the recent Annual General Meeting.

The first amendment changes the status of the Auckland Regional Representative who, to date, has not been a member of the Auckland Association’s governing Council. But this has now changed.

The amendment allows the Representative to fully participate at meetings and makes it clear that the prime responsibility is to represent the interests and views of the Auckland Association to the Board of the Royal Federation of Justices Associations. The present Representative, Ric Carlyon, will attend  as a full member of Council from its December meeting

The second amendment will take a little while before its apparent – in fact not until at the next Annual General Meeting. The change alters the Order of Business at Annual General Meetings so that motions to amend the Rules will be dealt with after the meeting’s key business and it also clarifies that motions to change the rules are separate from motions of General Business.















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