Captain Lisa Hunn, RNZN

The Association’s Autumn Luncheon was held today with guest speaker Captain Lisa Hunn who outlined the long training and sea-experience required before she could attain senior ranks. Lisa was the first woman to command a New Zealand Navy frigate, “Te Mana” and she told of its 5 month deployment overseas beginning with exercises with other Pacific Rim navies. Proudest moment? “Te Mana” taking out the title in the Naval Support Warfare Contest for “best shot” against some 24 other participating nations. Ship’s teamwork earned the crew the title of “top gun”. Lisa ended her command of “Te Mana” when it was handed over for its present make-over of vital equipment.

Captain Lisa Hunn with Sherryl Wilson, President of the Auckland Justice of the Peace Assoc

Lisa told Justices of the ship’s captain role hearing summary offences , and while hearings were few and far between on  “Te Mana” in her time as commanding officer, the system is essential, she said, for discipline and the ship’s efficiency, particularly while at sea. Lisa’s present position involves having the fleet ready for ships’ various deployments.        


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