General News


Justices swear an oath to serve without fear or favour.  For some, being a JP is of considerable benefit to their employer, and they administer many documents at work.
This does not absolve a Justice from making themselves available to the public at large.  Availability is currently achieved by ‘Find a JP’ and ‘JP Locator’ and by making yourself unavailable, the system removes the visibility of your details to the public. Justices by making themselves unavailable, risk having a receiving agency check the status of the Justice online; not find them, and then require the client to have the work redone by a ‘real’ (listed) JP.

Restricting your availability as a Justice can be achieved by stating that your availability is ‘weekends only; or ‘please text for an appointment.’  All Justices are reminded that they also have a responsibility to advertise their availability to the public so please do not abuse the ‘availability’ section of the websites as this only places more demand on other Justices in your local area.

We cannot get to pick and choose whom we serve – however, we can limit times and places within reason.