Availability Options on “Find a JP” 

The Royal Federation are receiving requests from Justices requesting that their ‘Find a JP’ listing be amended to allow options relating to the vaccination status of their intending clients. 

Unfortunately, there are too many permutations, and it is not possible to provide for every version. The ‘Availability’ panel on Find a JP relates to when (time of day/day of the week) a Justice is prepared to see clients – whether in person, by letterbox drop or in an online environment.  

Where there is a challenging situation that restricts availability e.g. immune-compromised person in the household, the Justice should make themselves unavailable via the ‘Not Available’ option on ‘Find a JP’. 

Some Justices have chosen to enter short text messages in the phone contact field in their profile. This causes confusion and is not what this panel was designed for. Therefore the Royal Federation does not support any such messaging.   Your profile on the Royal Federation website is the only facility where availability can be indicated.

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