Justices of the Peace in Australia hold different classifications and dependent on the State or Territory have different authorities.  The classifications are:

  • Justice of the Peace (CDEC), and
  • Justice of the Peace (Qual)- (for further information click HERE)

QUEENSLAND – Mr Graeme Hills JP  (Qual) 021 0818 5513 – Red Beach, Auckland 0932

QUEENSLAND – Mr David Walker JP (Qual) 021 0297 9414 – Albany, Auckland 0632

QUEENSLAND – Mr Ian Parkinson JP (Qual) 022 341 4438 – Glen Eden, Auckland 0641

The above-named Australian JPs are able to handle all Queensland and Australian Federal( ie Commonwealth) documents and a number of documents originating from the other Australian States.  Clients wishing to have documents administered for states other than Queensland should first check with their agency to confirm they will accept a Queensland Justice of the Peace administering their documents.

IMPORTANT  – Please check with your organisation/agency in the first instance if you are unsure, or alternatively, enquire online about the JP Services of the State you require, as some JP organisations offer online witnessing services depending on your requirements. A New Zealand Notary Public or the Australian High Commission  may also be able to assist you as an alternative witnessing service. Where possible please provide up to one week or more notice for our Queensland JPs.




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