August Council Meeting: Briefing


Security Matters

The Auckland Association is beefing up security of its website.

“In the light of international (and some local) hacking, we have to be responsible,” says Council Member Owen Goodwin, “and take steps to protect our website and the integrity of its content”.

Website designers will incorporate measures, invisible to the casual viewer.

“But this means members with aging computers – say PCs more than 10 years old – might not be able to view the website,” says Owen, “perhaps to old Windows XP system will not be up to it… but I expect most people have updated since then”.



After a concerted drive, there are just 68 members who have not paid the current annual subscription.   Subscriptions make up the bulk of the Association’s income.


Data – Service Desks

Wallis Walker reported that in the past 11 months some 117,000 clients had been seen by Justices of the Peace in Auckland’s Service Desks, with 461,420 items transacted. Wallis says unfortunately not all Service Desks submit returns, so the totals are under-stated: she encourages all Auckland Service Desks and Support Groups to report monthly figures.


Survey – Service Desks

Ric Carlyon, Auckland Regional Representative on the Royal Federation of Justices Associations, advised that a nation-wide survey of Service Desks is about to be undertaken. “They have dramatically increased in recent years and it’s important to get a snap-shot of the delivery of our services to the community in this way”.


Annual General Meeting and Auckland Conference

Final touches were put on arrangements for the combined meetings on Sunday September 30th at Alexandra Park, Epsom. Registrar, Janet Thompson, has already given formal notice of the Annual General Meeting, together with the advice that it’s time to submit any remits and to make nominations for candidates for Council elections.

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