Annual General Meeting – Notices of Motion

4 Notices of Motions to change the Association’s Rules were considered at the weekend’s Annual General Meeting.

Auckland Regional Representative

Council member Susan Walker proposed that the Auckland Regional Representative on the Board of the Royal Federation be a member of the Auckland Association’s Council, enabling the representative to fully participate in business and activities, thus informed and better able to represent Aucklanders’ views. This was carried.

Order of Business

Council Member Wallis Walker suggested changes in the Order of Business at future Annual General Meetings so that any amendment to the Rules would follow key business and to ensure changes to the Rules will be separate from other motions. This was carried.


Whau Support Group proposed all Justices of the Peace furnish annual returns showing their service to the community, designed to illustrate that all Association members are active: fulfilling the duties for which they are appointed. The motion was lost.

Incentives to Remain Active

Whau Support Group also submitted a proposal that there should be an investigation into incentives to encourage Ministerial participation so that Justices will remain active, that there should be local Support group participation with nominated Justices and a scale of incentive fees. During discussion of this Motion, Immediate Past President of the Royal Federation of Justices Associations, Denise Hutchins, advised the meeting that a system of ongoing competency for Justices is uppermost in the Federation’s mind, that there has been repeated submissions on the matter to the Minister and it’s a something that will not be let go… “there will be a system for all Justices”, Denise said, “it’s just a matter of time and it will be formulated and introduced – and those Justices who are accredited when it takes effect will be on the ground floor with an entrée towards qualifying”. The Motion was lost.

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