Service Desks


Ever wondered how many transactions are completed every year by Justices of the Peace in Auckland at their Service Desks.  A new option has now been added to JP Corner AJPA STATISTICS which will provide just this information.  It is astounding really that there were 536,000 transactions completed for clients in our previous year and this does not include any transactions being undertaken by Justices at home.  This is a good news story and one we should all celebrate and pass on.

If you find you have some time to spare and are willing to work on a Service Desk in your area, don’t hesitate, it is a really good way of honing those JP skills and joining a bunch of Justices who serve the community in this way.  Contact the Support Group Coordinator in your area and I am sure they will gladly accept any time you may be able to give.   If you are apprehensive about working in this environment, I am sure that you could be doubled up with another Justice until you find your feet.  We volunteered to help the public so let’s do this.

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