Council Meeting Notes

AJPA Council Meeting Notes

The Council of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association met on May 8th 2024.

  • Follow up of the successful Support Group Coordinator’s and Rosterer’s meeting in April was discussed.   Notes from the meeting have been circulated to attendees.
  • The presentation of HUB Professional Development sessions continues. The next ones (as detailed on the AJPA website) are
    • Saturday 11 May at Mt Roskill
    • Sunday 12 May at Grey Lynn
    • Saturday 18 May at Manukau
    • Sunday 26 May at Hauraki
  • HUB Topics (the same at each location) are
    1. Affidavits
    2. Certifying copies of electronic documents\
    3. Verifying identity with photo ID
    4. Foreign documents
    5. EPOAs/Wills
    6. Statutory Declarations
    7. Record Keeping
  • The AJPA website continues to be a huge source of information for both clients and JPs, with JP Locator receiving nearly 20,000 hits last month.
  • Accreditation levels in AJPA remain fairly stable, at 80% of members.  This fluctuates as individual JPs renew their Accreditation. Remember that attending a HUB session fulfils the training component of accreditation, and you need to record you attendance on the website ( .