It is with regret that we advise that our Regional Conference and 2021 AGM cannot be held on 19 September as planned, due to Covid restrictions.  

  • The AGM will become a VIRTUAL AGM, starting on October 3, and culminating with a Zoom question and answer session on October 10, with electronic voting closing at 6 pm October 10.  Papers and voting processes will be sent by email on 26 September, along with instructions and timing. This is the first time that we have entered into this realm of holding a virtual meeting so your patience is requested as we work through the process.
  • Sadly, our Regional Conference for this year is cancelled. 

Note: Justices who elected to order and pay $15 for their lunch may either

  • leave their payment as a tax-deductible donation to the Association. If this is your choice, please notify the Treasurer at treasurer@jpauckland.org.nz before 5.00 pm Wednesday 15th September 2021; or
  • if you do not advise the Treasurer before that date, then on Friday 17th September, $15 will be paid to the bank accounts from which the lunch payments were originally made.
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