Below is a list of comments from Justices who have been part of the August Accreditation Study Group.  These are only a few of the comments received.  The next Accreditation Study Group is the first week of November so register now by sending an email to and join other Justices who have taken the plunge and are now ACCREDITED.  

Thank you very much for running this course and making the test so easy for us. It was also a really good opportunity to revise. I appreciate it. On my answer sheets, I had everything right except one question, but in the exam I had two other wrong answers so I must have somehow pressed F instead of T – I should have taken more notice of your advice to take my time! Anyway, I passed so that’s good.

I would like to thank you for organizing these questions for us. I really enjoy doing this.

Thanks, Frank. I sat for the exam two weeks ago.. and dusted. However, this list sent by you is gold. I am going to use it several times, as it is not just when you do the accreditation but to apply and learn this.I’m all done and accredited. Very easy process.

I hope you have a good uptake of JPs using the study group system.

Thank you very very much Frank – I’ve really enjoyed the study and research.   The JP Manual is an excellent resource – really and truly – the information is clear, concise and easy to interpret. Here’s hoping with the exam.

Thank you Frank really well organised.

I have done the test and passed. Thank you very much for this study group, it helped me understand our processes much better.  I really appreciate your effort in providing this service because it demystified the process for me. Much appreciation.

I will have a go tomorrow, Saturday, after receiving your instructions. I am grateful for your patience in dealing with my queries.  I always get a bit nervous over any tests, I shouldn’t as after 40+ years of setting and marking school ‘exam’ papers should be cool and collected!

Done. Completed, submitted and passed well. Thank you very much for refreshing our brains.

Many thanks to you Frank for making the accreditation test so convenient.   A very useful and easy way of completing accreditation.

Thanks a lot for sending all the sets of Study Group Questions-interesting and informative indeed. Am looking forward to completing my Accreditation record.