The next Accreditation Study Group will commence on 3rd May 2021.  Instructions on how the group works can be found by clicking HERE or by going to the Professional Development section of the Auckland JP Association website

The two requirements of education and the actual test for Accreditation will be met by joining this group. This is a great way of completing accreditation by working at your own pace in your own home with the ability to ask questions.  No travel is required.  Applications will close on 29th April 2021.   

Our Auckland region accreditation results are currently around 32% which considering that we have over 1300 members means that only 416 Justices in Auckland are Accreditated.  We need to do better and it is up to each and every one of us to ensure that we complete accreditation and are up to date with the latest information so that we may deal with our client’s documentation in the appropriate manner.  So here is my challenge to you, attend the HUBs or the Accreditation Study Group and complete your accreditation and let’s see if we can move the percentage up of the number of Justices who are accredited in the next quarter.