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A Big Thank you to all Justices on National Volunteer Week

June is volunteer SHOUT OUT month and more specifically this week is National Volunteer Week.
From myself and the Auckland Justices of the Peace Council I want to SHOUT OUT to all our Justices who either provide Ministerial JP services from home, at work, or on one of our many Auckland Service Desks.

I also want to thank those Justices who in addition to Ministerial duties carry out Judicial and Specialist Functions. Often the request for some of these functions is during anti social hours and Justices are woken up to attend to Police or Mental Health matters.

Special thanks goes to those Justices that coordinate groups and maintain rosters along with our dedicated Council members. Without the collective input of Justices of the Peace the smooth running of society as we know it would cease. You are all a very important and necessary cooperative cog that assists Government and Commercial agencies to carry out their business with their clients.

Importantly, I would also like to SHOUT OUT to your families, because wherever there is a volunteer giving their time, there is a family that is not able to be enjoying that same time. Thank you.

So, from me, on behalf of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association, a big SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to YOU for the voluntary time that YOU give.

Alan Martin

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