Items from Council

Use of the letters JP were discussed…

Items from today’s meeting of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association’s Council –

+ Council continued its review of Association policies today… signing off on Court Management Team Policy. It’s a rolling programme with existing policy regularly reviewed and, where there are gaps, new ones added, for example, Social Media.

+ There was discussion on the use of the letters “JP”: several Justices have been spoken to who have been incorrectly including the letters or the designation “Justice of the Peace” in conflict with business activities. Websites, advertisements, letter-heads and business cards have come to notice as being outside the rules.

+ The Association’s own Face Book page has 134 members and continues to provide valuable information and a “meeting place” for online conversation. It’s TGIF entries are fast becoming legend!

+ Apply to the Registrar to become a Face Book member.

+ Plans are being finalised to assist members with the purchase of rubber stamps or other “tools of trade” used while providing JP services. Those members who complete high volumes of work will benefit. Provision of name badges for those Justices at Service Desks is also being considered.

+ Justices need to be alert and keep their accreditation up to date. Early-adopters of the scheme should be monitoring their name on FindaJP on the Royal Federation website in case their accreditation expires… but in any case the test can be taken at any time, renewing for another 2 years. Royal Federation has the target of 45 per cent of Justices working in Service Desks being accredited : Auckland has just 34 per cent. Go green!

+ Improvements continue on the website. Redundant content has been removed, navigation streamlined and useful documents added. What can’t be seen by visitors to the internet pages is the behind-the-scenes simplified way to add, subtract and amend material.

+ A rare event, a special sitting of the District Court, is planned for March in honour of a number of long-serving Auckland Judicial Justices who are retiring.

+ Auckland Regional Representative, Ric Carlyon, attended his first meeting since Association Rules were amended making him a member of Council, whereas before the Regional Representative sat-in ex officio.  He advised Council members that the Royal Federation of Justices Associations had made submissions to the Government’s “Safe and Effective Justice” project, promoting the role of Justices of the Peace  and the opportunities to better utilise them.



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