Welcome to Justice of the Peace Auckland –
Nau mai haere mai

This site offers information about every Justice of the Peace across the Greater Auckland area. Understand the services provided by a JP, where and how to find one and other helpful information.

It is important to know that a JP is a volunteer. They offer their services to the community free of charge and receive no payment. A JP contributes their free time to their community. The courtesy of scheduling an appointment ahead of time is always appreciated.

It is very likely that there will be a Justice of the Peace in your neighbourhood. If there is no dedicated JP office there may be a JP shopping centre, library, police station or pharmacy.

What can a Justice of the Peace do?

A New Zealand JP has a large portfolio of responsibilities that cover both ministerial and judicial duties.
A JP’s Ministerial functions include:

witnessing documents
taking declarations
swearing of affidavits.

Every Justice of the Peace in Auckland is affiliated to the Royal Federation of Justices’ Associations. This nation-wide organisation provides accreditation for JPs and other membership services. Accreditation is considered to be ‘a measure of competence’.

A limited number of JPs undertake judicial duties within the District Court. Judicial Justice of the Peace functions include:

statute jurisdiction
hearing undefended cases
remands and bail issues
presiding over defended trials.

“The majority of what JPs do is witness documents, but they can be involved in all sorts of things from marriage dissolution to verifying photocopies. Those things are what they call the ministerial services. Then there are the judicial duties, which you have to undertake extra training for, and that means you can do things like issue search warrants.” – Mr Jade Wood, Auckland JP.