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Locate a JP

This site offers information about the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association, the services provided by a Justice of the Peace, where and how to find one, and other helpful information.

What can a JP do?
JPs are sworn judicial officers. They undergo regular training and are able to:

  • Witness you signing a document
  • Certify copies of documents (including email attachments or mobile messages)
  • Take oaths, declarations, affidavits (including marriage and civil union dissolutions) and affirmations
  • Confirm your identity for financial institutions and other agencies

What should you bring?
Make sure you bring all the necessary material with you.

  • Photo ID is desirable (eg driver licence, passport)
  • Fill in details on your documents, but do not sign them until you are with the JP.
  • For a certified copy, make sure you bring the original. If the document has been printed from the internet, you will need to display the original on a mobile or digital device.

Click on this link If you require more details on Australian Justices of the Peace


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