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This site offers information about the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association, the services provided by a Justice of the Peace, where and how to find one and other helpful information.

It is important to know that all Justices of the Peace are volunteers. They offer their services to the community free of charge and receive no payment. Justices contribute their time freely to the community. 

It is very likely that there will be a Justice of the Peace in your neighbourhood. You may find one located at any of the JP Service Desks located in your local Shopping Mall, Library or Citizen Advice Bureau around Auckland, or if a desk is not operating you may locate one using the JP Locator or Find a JP link. If you are utilising the services of a Justice at home you should always schedule an appointment and agree on timings ahead of the visit.

What can a Justice of the Peace do?

“The majority of what JPs do is certifying copies of documents, but they can be involved in all sorts of things from taking statutory declarations, swearing or affirming affidavits, certifying documents and assisting to verify the identity of people intending to conduct transactions with financial institutions, marriage dissolution and citizenship ceremonies.

Nearly all Justices of the Peace in Auckland are affiliated to the Royal Federation of NZ Justices’ Associations. This is the nationwide plenary organisation that provides membership services to Justices as well as facilitating accreditation for Justices. Accreditation of Justices, identifiable by the inclusion of the sign alongside their name on ‘Find a JP’ is a symbol used to identify Justices who have met the requirements to be certified as current and competent in their role as a Justice of the Peace. 


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