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Hoax Phone Calls

Notice to Members

Members of the Auckland Justices of the Peace Association are being assured that membership details, including contact phone numbers, are not shared with commercial companies or survey organisations. Nor is the Association conducting telephone surveys.

This follows advice from members that they have been called and asked to undertake marketing or political surveys. Those posing the questions apparently do not identify themselves except to say they “are calling on behalf of the Association”.

Other members find they have been targeted with advertisements in their email.

“This is irregular use of our members’ contact details,” says President Colin Davis, “and I can assure members that the Association does not pass on members’ details to commercial organisations. We don’t conduct telephone surveys of any kind, nor have we given permission for anyone else to do so. The risk of this kind of intrusion will always be a problem when Associations publicise members’ details in order to assist the public to find a J.P. and then these contact details are high-jacked for unauthorised use by so-called market or political surveys”.